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ALEA Piano Trio


The ALEA Piano Trio which consists of one Luxemburgish and two Czech musicians, came about in a somewhat unusual way, not as a result of a chance or a deliberate meeting of players wishing to work together but because of the wilpower of a music lover, Geoffrey Piper. Of British nationality but long resident in Luxemburg, keen student of Czech affairs as well as an impresario for Czech musicians, Piper wished to bring together three musicians to create a second permanent Czech/Luxemburgish ensemble (The Trio Bohemia Luxemburg constituting the first).

The name ALEA (from Latin, as in "the die is cast") was a humourous suggestion from one of the players, signifying that the selection of the musicians was partly fortuitous. The musicians are Michal Sedláček (violin), Petra Malíšková (cello) and Pascal Meyer (piano).

Michal Sedláček studies at the Academy of Music in Prague. A winner of the Janácek Internation Violin Competition in Brno, he has taken part in the world-famous Yehudi Menuhin Contest in London. He has made several studio recordings for Czech Radio in Plzen, such as Ciaccona by J.S. Bach and The Last Rose of the Summer by H.W. Ernst.

A Prague Academy of Music graduate, Petra Malíšková has begun her cello studies in Brno. She participated in a number of masterclasses, including the prestigious Holland Music Sessions in Bergen, the Netherlands. A holder of many important international competition prizes, she has received four awards for interpreting the works of Martinu and two for Janácek. Since 2007 she has been a member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, performing also as a chamber musician and soloist.

ALEA's debut tour in March 2008 featured concerts at Martinu Hall in Prague, Château de Wiltz in Luxemburg and Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam. They have performed for the Ambassador's Concert Series at Brevnov Monastery in Prague. Their most recent tour in February 2012 included concerts in Františkovy Lázně (CZ), Bayreuth (D) and Bourglinster (L).


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listen to ALEA Piano Trio:

L. van Beethoven - Trio op.70 Nr.1 (Geister Trio)
A. Dvorák - Dumky op.90
J. Suk - Piano Trio op.2
B. Martinu - Bergerettes